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Amenity booking for owners in property management software is a convenient feature that allows property owners to reserve and pay for amenities or shared facilities offered by the property, such as clubhouses, gymnasiums, pool areas, event spaces, or sports facilities. Here's how amenity booking with online payment works in property management software.

Amenity booking with online payment capability streamlines the process for property owners, making it convenient and efficient to reserve and pay for shared facilities. It enhances the overall owner experience, improves amenity utilization, and simplifies payment collection for property management.

Amenity Selection

Owners access the property management software, either through a web portal or mobile app, and navigate to the amenity booking section. They can view the available amenities, their availability, and the booking rules and policies.

Booking Availability

DoorJoin displays the real-time availability of the amenities, indicating open slots for booking based on time slots, dates, and any predefined restrictions or reservation limits.

Booking Details

Owners select the desired amenity, choose the preferred booking date and time, and provide any necessary details or additional requirements for the booking.

Cost Calculation

DoorJoin calculates the total cost of the amenity booking based on the duration of the reservation and any associated fees or charges. This may include rental fees, service fees, and security deposits if applicable.

Online Payment

To confirm the booking, owners proceed to the online payment section within DoorJoin. They can securely make the payment using various online payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, electronic transfers, or digital wallets.

Payment Confirmation

Once the payment is successfully processed, DoorJoin generates an automatic booking confirmation for the owner. This confirmation includes all relevant details of the reservation, such as the booking date, time, amenity details, and payment receipt.

Cancellation and Refunds

DoorJoin may include a cancellation policy that outlines the rules for canceling or rescheduling a booking. If an owner cancels within the allowed timeframe, the software can process refunds as per the policy.

Reminders and Notifications

DoorJoin can send automated reminder notifications to owners closer to the booking date, ensuring they don't miss their reserved slot.

Reporting and Analytics

Property managers can access reports and analytics related to amenity bookings, helping them monitor utilization, popular amenities, and revenue generated from amenity reservations.

Integration with Calendar

DoorJoin may integrate with owners' calendars, syncing the amenity bookings and ensuring owners are aware of their scheduled reservations.

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