In property management software, announcements are a valuable feature that allows property managers to communicate important information, updates, and announcements to all the members (residents or owners) of the property. This feature ensures that relevant information reaches all stakeholders in a timely and organized manner. Here's how announcements for members work in property management software.

Announcements in property management software foster effective communication between property managers and members, helping to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged. It serves as an essential tool for distributing crucial information, promoting community involvement, and ensuring a smooth flow of communication within the property management ecosystem.

Announcement Creation

Property managers or administrators can create announcements within the property management software. They can compose the message, add relevant details, and specify the intended audience (all members, specific groups, or individual members).

Announcement Categories

Property management software may allow categorization of announcements based on topics, such as "Maintenance Updates," "Community Events," "Policy Changes," etc. Categorization aids in better organization and retrieval of announcements.

Recipient Selection

Property managers can select the recipients of the announcement based on their role or group affiliations. For example, they can send community-wide announcements to all members or target specific announcements to certain groups (e.g., residents of a particular building).

Delivery Options

DoorJoin offers various delivery options for announcements, including email notifications, push notifications through mobile apps, or displaying the announcement within the member portal.


Property managers can schedule announcements to be delivered at a specific date and time, ensuring that important information is disseminated at the appropriate moment.

Read Receipts

Some property management software may provide read receipts, indicating whether recipients have read the announcement or not. This helps property managers track engagement and ensure that members are aware of the communication.

Attachments and Media

Property managers can attach relevant files, documents, or media (e.g., images, videos) to announcements to provide additional information or context.

Urgent Announcements

DoorJoin may offer a priority level for announcements, allowing property managers to mark certain messages as urgent, ensuring they receive immediate attention.

Multilingual Support

Property management software with multilingual support allows announcements to be delivered in different languages, catering to the diverse needs of the member community.

Archive and History

DoorJoin, The property management software typically maintains an archive of past announcements, enabling members to refer back to previous communications if needed.

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