Visitor Approval

Visitor approval in property management software for members and managers is a valuable feature that allows property managers to control and monitor visitor access to the property. It ensures a secure and organized visitor management process, enhancing safety and convenience for both residents and visitors. Here's how visitor approval works in property management software for members and managers.

Visitor approval in property management software streamlines the visitor management process, allowing property managers to efficiently handle visitor access while ensuring the safety and security of residents and the property. It minimizes the need for manual visitor registration and monitoring, providing a more organized and controlled approach to managing visitors.

Visitor Registration

Visitors, who are not regular residents of the property, initiate the visitor registration process by providing their details, such as name, contact information, and purpose of the visit.

Access Permissions

When visitors register, DoorJoin sends a notification to the resident member or the property manager for approval. The property manager has the authority to approve or decline the visitor's request.

Approval Workflow

DoorJoin can review the visitor's information and decide whether to approve or deny their access to the property. If approved, the visitor is granted temporary access during the specified visit duration.

Real-time Updates

DoorJoin, The property management software provides real-time updates to both the visitor and the property manager regarding the status of the visitor's approval.

Visitor Notifications

Once the visitor's request is approved, DoorJoin notifies the visitor, providing them with the necessary access instructions or authorization details.

Expiry and Revocation

DoorJoin can set an expiration time for the visitor's access. After the designated time, the visitor's access is automatically revoked, ensuring that only authorized visitors are allowed on the property.

Visitor Logs

DoorJoin keeps a log of all approved visitor entries, helping property managers track visitor traffic and maintain a record for security and accountability purposes.

Integration with Access Control

The visitor approval feature may be integrated with the property's access control system, ensuring seamless access management.

Reporting and Analytics

Property managers can generate reports and analytics to track visitor trends, peak visiting hours, and any security-related insights.

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